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Luray Caverns – An Underground Natural Wonder

November 2, 2015

Living in Northern Virginia we have all heard of The Luray Caverns situated in the Shenandoah Valley. Discovered in 1878 purely by chance, the Smithsonian report that followed the discovery stated- “there is nothing more beautiful in the cave than these scarves, shawls, lambrequins of translucent calcite, some white as snow, falling in graceful folds, fringed with a thousand patterns, and so thin that a candle held behind one of them reveals all the structure within”. And more than a century later the beauty and magnificence of these caves remains intact with its columns and draperies of limestone and shimmering water bodies. Continue Reading…

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Where to Enjoy the Fall Foliage Right Here in Our Backyard

October 13, 2015
Fall Colors on Sherado Lake

The cool, crisp autumn air brings with it a warm festive feeling. Apple picking, pumpkin patches, corn mazes and the best show of colors that mother nature can offer are synonymous with Fall. But trying to fit all this in our busy schedules can sometimes be a challenge. So if you have just a few hours to enjoy the beauty of Fall, check out these places below which are just a short drive away: Continue Reading…

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Skyline Drive: A Heavenly Getaway

October 13, 2015

The Blue Ridge Mountains in Virginia offer a breathtaking 105 mile drive which runs through the Shenandoah National park offering a serene escape close to Washington, D.C. Soak in the beauty of the mountains as you cruise along at 35 miles per hour. Driving at this speed has its own charm as you have the leisure to stop at many of the 75 scenic overlooks, and spot any of the woodland animals who call this forest their home. The drive has well-marked mileposts to guide you to points of interest. There is easy access to many levels of hiking trails with some of them leading to waterfalls and campgrounds. The park also includes 101 miles of the Appalachian Trail. Continue Reading…

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Want a night out but need some ideas? Check these out!

September 18, 2015

So you managed to get a baby sitter for the night, or the spouse agreed to stay at home while you get some adult time with your friends. What’s next? Dinner, drinks or a movie? Take a break from the usual and try something new. We have gathered some unique ideas to make it a fun break from the routine. Try one of these out and let us know what you think in the comments below! Continue Reading…

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Kid Friendly Wineries in Virginia

September 12, 2015
kid friendly wineries

The rolling landscape of Northern Virginia offers a perfect site for many wineries and produces fine examples of every kind of wine. Many of us look forward to spending a day savoring the different tastes. But wine tasting doesn’t have to be an adult outing only. A few wineries in Northern Virginia are ideal for families and are pet friendly also. Check out our list below to see what some of these tasting rooms can offer to keep the whole family entertained. Continue Reading…

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Walking and Bike Routes in South Riding, Virginia

August 1, 2015
Group Of Children Riding Bikes

South Riding offers many walking, running and biking paths. The community also has dedicated Riding and Cycling clubs. Both clubs encourage people of all ages and fitness abilities to join them in their organized fitness events. So make the most of the warm weather and step out to burn those calories and enjoy the outdoors. Check out our list below to help you get started: Continue Reading…